• Combating Aging Skin

    The way anyone’s skin ages will depend upon a number of factors including genetics, race, and exposure to the environment. Barring extreme measures such as surgery, at a certain point everyone’s face will begin to show its age. However, before giving up entirely on your complexion, it is entirely possible to keep your skin looking good as you proceed through life.  Read more to find out why our skin changes, and the ways to combat aging skin. View Post
  • LOHAS Expo 2018

    We're ready for you, Hong Kong!  Come see us at the LOHAS Expo 2018 from Feb. 1 - 3.   View Post
  • Current, Upcoming, and Past Events

    CURRENT EVENTS LOHAS Expo 2018 If you are in Hong Kong, come meet us at the LOHAS Expo!  We have special show deals on our specialty balms and other natural solutions.   UPCOMING EVENTS CHFA West 2018 We are showcasing our organic and natural skincare products at the CHFA West trade show on Feb.... View Post