YES Cream

$20.95 CAD

Description Ingredients Direction Video DermaMed™ Yes is a special formulation of all-natural and organic ingredients designed to heighten female sexual arousal and response. Yes is safe and effective and restores the female body’s natural balance. Yes is gently absorbed into the skin and will enhance clitoral sensitivity and sexual pleasure. It also serves as an odorless, silky-textured lubricant. Non-irritating to...


$29.95 CAD

Description Ingredients Direction DermaMed™ NutraSlim is an effective organic nutritional supplement specially formulated to increase metabolism and promote fat loss. In balanced and synergistic ratios of vitamins, trace minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, these ingredients combine to effectively increase muscle mass and speed up the fat burning process, helping you to lose weight without effort and the ups and...

Natural Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel

$3.95 CAD

Made with organic Aloe Vera Gel to moisturize your skin, Which Hazel Extract and Thyme and Oregano Oils as natural antiseptics, our Natural Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel leaves your skin soft and hydrated.  Comes in a handy 30 ml (1 fl.oz) pocket size bottle. Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, Vegetable Glycerin, Witch Hazel Extract, Thyme and Oregano Oils, Non-GMO Ethanol. For...

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