About Us

As one of Canada’s leading manufacturers of natural products, DermaMed™ combines advanced botanical research, innovative formulations, strict quality guidelines, and sustainable ingredients to create effective natural and organic personal care products. We specialize in natural remedies, baby care, skin care and other specialty products.

Our Story

In 1992, German botanical scientist Bernard Armani discovered a natural alternative to hydrocortisone in his search for a natural yet effective formulation to relieve dry, itchy, and irritated skin. Based on a fast-absorbing formulation called Intracellular Phyto Technology, this game-changing proprietary formula is what’s known today as the All Purpose Balm.

After several more years of research and product development, Mr. Armani launched DermaMed Pharmaceutical Inc. in 1997 to provide natural solutions for various skin conditions and sources of discomfort. Since then, DermaMed™ has expanded its offerings to include skin care, baby care, sun care, and personal care. We uphold our commitment to providing effective natural care products by using only the purest, certified organic and sustainably-grown natural ingredients.

Natural Solutions

DermaMed™ combines advanced botanical research, strict quality, and the best organic ingredients to create effective natural solutions which help relieve various skin conditions and sources of discomfort. Using our innovative Phyto Technology, DermaMed™ balms are easily absorbed into the skin to provide fast and effective relief.

Baby Care

When you want the very best for your baby, DermaMed™ provides the highest quality natural care products for baby’s sensitive skin. We use certified organic vegetable-derived ingredients, botanical extracts, and pure essential oils to formulate the most effective and hypoallergenic natural products for baby’s delicate skin and hair.

Skin Care

DermaMed™ natural skin care products are specially formulated for quick absorption and visible results with regular use. Try our super-restorative face creams for healthier, younger-looking skin!

Specialty Products

To provide a comprehensive care regimen for our valued customers, DermaMed™ also offers specialty products including a natural hand sanitizer and supplements for weight loss and healthier skin.